IDO And Listing PNST (BEP20)on PancakeSwap

2 min readApr 27, 2021

The technical team has fixed some Android compatibility issues.Users were unable to participate in the exchange activity because of Android adaptation issue. We are very sorry for the inconvenience and please pay attention to our later development projects. We are hoping to bring you more surprises!

Project Roadmap:

  • UTC12:00, Apri 27th. in the 1st round of IDO Continue to opening, users in White List will be opened for an hour and afterwards quotas will be exchanged publicly.after which the quota will be publicly redeemed
  • Apri 28th. round 2 and 3 of IDO will be go on simultaneously ( quota proportion of each round will not be changed) Whit List users exchange time: UTC 12:00 -13:30, after 13:30 it will be exchanged publicly
  • When the 2nd round IDO closed, the 3rd IDO will start automatically. By UTC 14:00, Apr. 29th, if any IDO quota is left, it will be allocated to the later NFT project and the later lottery project to bring you a better experience
  • April 29th: Token launch and pancakeSwap will go online on UTC 3:00pm, Apr. 29th. Liquidity will be added and the exchange ratio will be listed at 1BNB:2800PNST

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