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3 min readApr 16, 2021

NFT + DeFi agreement is a new cross-chain track: acting as an independent and open NFT ecology + DEFI combination The NFT suite provides services covering the entire life cycle of the NFT, enabling anyone to issue NFTs, participate in auctions and trade NFTs, obtain NFTs and participate in DEFI pledge mining to maximize profits PNST is to build a NFT+DEFI cross-chain protocol to provide a cross-chain L2 infrastructure. By building multiple blockchains such as BEP20, HRC20, ERC20 and Polkadot, PNST distributes tokens and develops more diverse NFT applications Anyone can publish NFT on PNST and trade on NFT Treasureland.

In the first phase, pledged mining will be started. Users can freely deposit and withdraw funds for pledge to obtain PNST token income and NFT issuance rights. Anyone with the right to issue NFT tokens can issue NFT tokens on our application, and they can freely sell and trade. And you can purchase official NFT game equity through NFT tokens to get equity dividends, and you can also use your own NFT tokens to increase mining pool pledge mining PNST tokens.

In the second stage, NFT game competition is started. Users can use PNST tokens to play NFT games freely, and users can purchase our game equity to get equity dividends. We will have many interesting gameplays. For detailed rules, please follow us to see the follow-up Introduction.

Partner Introduction

《pancakeswap》 Decentralized exchange is the most innovative financial service solution in the cryptocurrency world. They provide the necessary tools for trading and exchanging assets without the need for any central intermediary. In other words, DEX is the final interpretation of the blockchain technology for decentralization using the following methods. They provide opportunities for easier and safer trading of digital assets. In addition, there are great opportunities for gains from holding stocks provided by these exchanges for liquidity providers. PancakeSwap is a decentralized exchange that provides a large number of services for traders and liquidity providers. It runs on Binance Smart Chain and has a cheap and fast network.

《Binance》 Binance Smart Chain is a type of blockchain that can enable numerous applications and services with various functions. Binance Smart Chain benefits from cross-chain compatibility, and developers can also connect their dApps to Binance Chain. Binance Smart Chains was launched in September 2019, focusing on fast, decentralized transactions. In other words, the platform focuses on providing developers with the necessary tools to create decentralized transaction or payment applications. Binance first developed a DEX on the platform to show its features to other developers. Binance DEX is now one of the largest decentralized exchanges on BSC.


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